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Time Machine Tutorial

Time Machine Tutorial 

We cannot stress enough how every once in a while to back up you data, your laptop or desktop might get stolen. It might get destoyed in fire, the hard drive might fail. Destroyed files, data and media are not always recoverable, people are known for mistakes. If you lose your data how much will… Read more

Handy iCloud tutorial

Handy iCloud tutorial 

iCloud is Apples computing and storage service based in the cloud. It works with iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV and iTunes helping managing media, data and content automatically and easily with little prodding from you. You can also back up and restore your iPhone from iCloud too, making the iPhone a phone that doesn’t need… Read more

Using Apple Pay on your iPhone

Using Apple Pay on your iPhone

Using Apple Pay is fairly straightfoward, it might be little awkward at first as a waft your iPhone maddenly at the NFC reader in your local Apple Pay accepting store in full view of disproving people but once you get it you will realise it works quite well. Using Apple Pay allows you to leave… Read more

iPhone screen replacement done

iPhone screen replacement done in 5 minutes 

Getting your iPhone’s screen replaced can cost up to £100 to repair, which is probably why twenty-five percent of iPhone owners are still walking around with a cracked screen on their phone as they don’t want to stump up the cost for new glass. According to some statistics, an iPhone is broken or damaged in… Read more

DIY iPhone ringtone tutorial

DIY iPhone ringtone tutorial 

You can buy ringtones for the iPhone from the iTunes store, or you can create your own and thus making your ringtone quite unique. You can also set a song as a ringtone by using GarageBand on iOS. You can simply make up ringtone from scratch and then add the ringtone to your tones list… Read more

Wirelessly connect iOS device to your television

Wirelessly connect iOS device to your television 

Airplay is Apples streaming system that allows you play your media wire free using WiFi. You can stream from your device to Airplay compatible speakers, Airplay connected TV and other devices. Allowing you to play your music, listen to podcasts or watch movies on a device that’s Airplay compatible. Connecting your iOS device such as… Read more

iPhone car sound system aux free connection guide

iPhone car sound system aux free connection guide 

Your in the uBer on the way back from a night out and you want to connect your iPhone to the uBer drivers in-car sound system. Well you simply get a cable from the headphone out of your iPhone and other end into the aux input on the in-car stereo which should be 3.5mm also… Read more

Easy iCloud storage space optimisation tips

Easy iCloud storage space optimisation tips 

iCloud storage space can work out from $0.99 to $9.99 on a monthly plan which equates to storage space from 50Gb to 1Tb. If you run out of storage space you will have to go up to the next tier. At this point you have two options: Option 1 where you work out the plan… Read more

iMovie basics tutorial

iMovie basics tutorial 

The video “How To: iMovie Basics” will teach you the basics of using iMovie. iMovie is the entry level video editing software package available for free on the Apple Mac platform. It’s very simple software to use but don’t let that put you off as it has very powerful hidden features that allow you to do most… Read more

Sharing Mac files to Windows tutorial 

Sharing Mac files to Windows tutorial 

In this video you are going to learn how to share files between the Microsoft Windows platform and the Apple macOS platform. Microsoft Windows is used in over ninety percent of office environments world wide, there will probably always be a requirement to move files and documents backwards and fowards between both platforms.  As time… Read more