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MacBook Charger

You’ve Been Using Macbook Charger Wrong

The CrazyRussianHacker has 6 million subscribers who follow all his video, in this video he will show you how to correctly use your MacBook Charger, be warned you may already know the advice he is going to give you in this video.  As you know there are two wings that fold out on the charger… Read more

Whats inside a Rose Gold MacBook

Latest Rose Gold Macbook gets cut in half. Watch Now!

Watch now as a the YouTubers that call themselves What’s Inside use a cutting tool to peek inside a 2016 Rose Gold MacBook.  It’s at this point we remind you that  using saws and cutting tools to cut or hack into computers can be dangerous. We have put this video on our blog for entertainment and… Read more

Making music on a Mac iPad Garageband MainStage Update

iPad Garageband cover-Adele Rolling In The Deep

GarageBand is an entry level music production service for the Apple Mac platform, it is also available for the iOS platform as well. GarageBand for iOS is quite a powerful app considering it is running on an iOS device. To demonstrate this we have added this video which covers Adele’s Rolling in the Deep using… Read more

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Apple iPhone Demo – Will you Marry Me ?

Apple iPhone 4S Siri Demo – Will you Marry Me? uploaded on Oct 14, 2011 is a demo of Siri running on the iPhone 4S with funny questions.   Siri is Apple personal assistant available on iOS and some of the more random things you can ask Siri today include: beatbox, Tell me a joke, What’s up? Do… Read more

MacBook Air - Siri, Siri Mac OSX

Siri Mac OSX? Siri on OSX Lion: Funny!

APPLE SIRI on Mac OS X LION funny uploaded on Oct 10, 2011 is a video about Siri the voice assistant installed on a Mac.  Siri is available currently on the iOS platform and it’s described as “the intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done”, such as send your messages, place calls etc…. Read more