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Casey Neistats MacBook Pro Engraving Guide _F

Casey Neistats MacBook Pro Engraving Guide

This video from one of the worlds top vloggers Casey Neistat features Casey engaving his MacBook Pro. Casey Neistat is a videographer, filmaker and Youtuber from New York and owns many Apple products including several MacBook Pro’s, iPhones and an Apple Watch or two. Casey Neistat is a very successful YouTuber and vlogger has over… Read more

Washed Apple Watch, is it still working _F

Washed Apple Watch, is it still working?

The Apple Watch is water resistant and not waterproof. It has an IPX7 designation meaning that for 30 minutes it will survice water to a depth of 1 metre. You shouldn’t wear it while wearing swimming but we do have another video in which it has been used to test a swimming tracking app** iJustine… Read more

iPhone 6 Hot Ice Freeze Test!

iPhone 6 Hot Ice Freeze Test!

Techrax have done it again. If you wanted to know what would happen when you dipped an iPhone in hot ice or sodium acetate. then do this experiment at home you need to make sodium acetate from Baking soda and vinegar. You need to add the baking soda to vineage slowly stiring while the baking… Read more

AK74 bullet versus Apple iPhone

AK74 bullet versus Apple iPhone, who wins?

An AK74 is a russian made automatic rifle that first saw service in 1979 with the Russian forces during the 1979 Afghanistan forces. It’s rate of fire is 650 rounds a minute with a muzzle velocity of up to 900 m/s. The rifle was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1974. Little did Mikhail know that… Read more

Ksenias new iPhone received in exchange for oil

Ksenias new iPhone received in exchange for oil

What will you do for a new iPhone? Anything? Well for one Russian girl called Ksenia from city of Krasnoyarsk in central Russia’s Krasnoyarsk Krai she almost would. A blogger called Dmitry Shilov what she would do for an iPhone 5S to which Ksenia agreed she would pour herself from head to toe in automotive oil… Read more

Apple Watch jailbreaks tweaks

Apple Watch jailbreaks tweaks – the ten most wanted

You’ve got an Apple Watch and if your already thinking of jail breaking it then this is video will tell you want the ten most requested jailbreak tweaks are. Jail breaking is the process of removing software restrictions so you can install non pre-approved applications on your hardware. The legaility of jailbreaking is not clear… Read more

Casey Neistats Apple computer collection

Casey Neistats Apple computer collection

Casey Neistat is an american vlogger, film director, film producer and start up entrepreneur. He vlogs daily and in this video he let’s us know in his opinion what the greatest Apple Computer was ever.  Casey Neistats Apple computer collection His first Apple computer was an iMac DV with 10Gb hard drive and after that… Read more

Most expensive iPhone apps 2016

Most expensive iPhone apps 2016

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket and what to spend it on iPhone apps then iDeviceHelp will show you which apps to purchase that will lighten your bank account. Boffo Fun Time is an app that somehow is $299.99 and you can download it now! You get four games in one… Read more

Apple Pencil sharpener

Apple pencil sharpener, available now!

Another video from TechRax team! In this video learn what happens when you sharpen the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil is the companion product to Apples iPad Pro, Apples first foray into professional grade tablet devices. The Apple Pencil has been described as one of best pen based input device for a tablet you can… Read more

iphone 6 grind

How To Properly Grind an iPhone 6

How do you properly grind an iPhone 6? It’s one of those pressing questions you really want the answer to and well, Techrax do it again. Techrax takes a fully working gold iPhone and do another one of their crazy projects and smooth that edges of the phone and leave it with a fresh new… Read more