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iPhone 7 Will it blend?

iPhone 7 Will it blend?

Whenever a phone is launched nowadays it is subjected to a test of durability or a stress test at some point. There are tests for stress, scratches, water tests, bend tests but will it blend? Tom Dickson & Blendtec are here to answer your questions. Tom shows us pictures of the yet to be released iPhone… Read more

iPhone 7 Now Shatter Proof?

iPhone 7 Now Shatter Proof

The iPhone 7 is a ‘smooth nice looking phone; but what will it look like with the screen shattered. Impact Protection from Rhino Sheild is designed so you never have to find out but Unbox Therapy will test the iPhone 7 with Rhino Sheild to find out. The iPhone 7 Matt Black is super slippery… Read more

Every iPhone Speed Test Comparison

Every iPhone Speed Test Comparison

Just how fast is one iPhone compared to another iPhone in the range? Well, now you can compare all the iPhones and see the results of the test in this video just to see how far Apple’s iPhone has become. This test will demonstrate Apple’s chip designing prowess as the result of Apple speed gains… Read more

iPhone self-build guide - Scotty Allen

iPhone self-build guide – Scotty Allen

There are always a lot of complaints with Android phone owners that Apple iPhones are way too expensive for what they are. A gentleman called Scotty Allen from the website Strange Parts made his own working iPhone 6S from cell phone parts brought in Huaquangbei. The cost was around $300 and a lot of perseverance,… Read more

Easy iPhone shredding tips

Easy iPhone shredding tips 

You probably know how to manage storage on an iPhone and you  know how to record video on an iPhone. Do you know how to shred an iPhone? No you don’t! If you want to know how to shred an iPhone then watch this video. The iPhone 6 has an aluminium unibody design and has ion strengthened… Read more

iPhone 6 Baked Inside Turkey _F

iPhone 6 Baked Inside Turkey

What you have always wanted to know.. can an iPhone survive being baked inside a turkey for 4 hours. Well the guys at Techrax uploaded this video in 2014 on Thanksgiving day. They do not include an official recipe for baking a Turkey but let’s keep things simple you stuff the iPhone inside the Turkey… Read more

Casey Neistats MacBook Pro Engraving Guide _F

Casey Neistats MacBook Pro Engraving Guide

This video from one of the worlds top vloggers Casey Neistat features Casey engaving his MacBook Pro. Casey Neistat is a videographer, filmaker and Youtuber from New York and owns many Apple products including several MacBook Pro’s, iPhones and an Apple Watch or two. Casey Neistat is a very successful YouTuber and vlogger has over… Read more

Washed Apple Watch, is it still working _F

Washed Apple Watch, is it still working?

The Apple Watch is water resistant and not waterproof. It has an IPX7 designation meaning that for 30 minutes it will survice water to a depth of 1 metre. You shouldn’t wear it while wearing swimming but we do have another video in which it has been used to test a swimming tracking app** iJustine… Read more

iPhone 6 Hot Ice Freeze Test!

iPhone 6 Hot Ice Freeze Test!

Techrax have done it again. If you wanted to know what would happen when you dipped an iPhone in hot ice or sodium acetate. then do this experiment at home you need to make sodium acetate from Baking soda and vinegar. You need to add the baking soda to vineage slowly stiring while the baking… Read more

AK74 bullet versus Apple iPhone

AK74 bullet versus Apple iPhone, who wins?

An AK74 is a russian made automatic rifle that first saw service in 1979 with the Russian forces during the 1979 Afghanistan forces. It’s rate of fire is 650 rounds a minute with a muzzle velocity of up to 900 m/s. The rifle was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1974. Little did Mikhail know that… Read more