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iOS 11 Files review

iOS 11 Files review

iOS 11 is Apple’s new operating system update for Apple’s iOS device which includes the iPhone and iPad. The iOS 11 operating system is going to make a huge difference to the potential of the Apple’s iPad Pro 10.5 inch which Apple’s direct response to claims that the iPad is not a laptop replacement. Since… Read more

Best Apple Watch Apps David Di Franco

Best Apple Watch Apps David Di Franco 

The Apple Watch already comes with brilliant in-built apps such as Calendar, Photos, messages, Siri, Camera, Maps, but once you’ve mastered them you will probably want to go after more apps to keep your interest going. Here is at least of some of best Apple Watch Apps from last year. One of the best apps… Read more

Evernote Apple Watch App run down

Evernote Apple Watch App run down 

Evernote is a cloud based application that lets you capture ntoes and sync those notes across all devices that have Evernote installed in. With Evernote available in a free and a paid tier option, gives everyone a choice of whats right for them meaning that Evernote is very popular for this reason. People use it… Read more

favourite ipad pro features and apps

Favourite iPad Pro features and apps

The professional grade tablet the iPad Pro from Apple is here. The 12.9 and 9.7 inch devices are both compaitable with the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard. The iPad Pro runs a A9X third generation desktop class chip thats 2.5x more powerful than the A7 chip. In this video learn some more features about… Read more

3 mac apps worth trying _f-copy

3 Mac Apps worth trying

What are the Top 3 Mac Apps right now? In this video from Techno Tutorials you going to find out their views on it for the month of Janruary. The apps they will go into detail with include Handbrake, Affinity Photo and Status.  With Handbrake you can convert video from almost any format to a selection… Read more

10 good ios games worth a try _f-copy

10 good iOS Games worth a try

What are ten best iOS games for iOS? In this video from Explore Gadgets you will found out. The apps include Horizon Chase, Prune, GTA: Liberty City Stories, Brothers in Arms 3, Gunpowder, AirAttack 2, Rayman Adventures, Space Marshals, Vain Glory, Tiny Toopers 2, Warhammer 40000, Pixel Gun 3D and Door Kickers.  In the amazingly… Read more

best creative apple pencil ipad pro apps copy

Best Creative Apple Pencil iPad Pro Apps

The Apple iPad Pro is Apple’s answer to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and is Apple first foray in the professional tablet market. The Apple iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil which Apples perfectly designed tablet pen based input device make an unbeatable combination. Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Adobe illustrator Draw, Adobe Photoshop Fix and Procreate… Read more

10 brilliant ios games _f-copy

10 Brilliant iOS games

What are the top ten iOS games and apps for 2016. The video from iAppleJailbreaker goes into more detail about apps such as Duet, Adventure Capitalist, Ball Jump, Pop the Lock, Traffic Rush, No Brakes, Jump Car, Monument Valley, Pancake, Speech Jammer and Enlight.  The Monument Valley app won Apple Game of the Year 2014… Read more

iOS PDF Word conversion app review

iOS PDF Word conversion app review

Most of us have to convert a PDF document to word compatible document at some point in our computing lives, normally we revert to some online service to get the task done or we resort to the brute force method of ‘Select All’ on the PDF document and ‘Paste’ into the Word document which leads… Read more

ios google cardboard vr apps-for 2016 _f

iOS Google Cardboard VR apps for 2016

Do you own a virtual reality cardboard based headset? Wondering what apps to get for it that run on the Apple iPhone? What are the iOS Google Cardboard VR apps that are best ever? Then check out this video from iPhone life who will let you know what great apps and games to use with your… Read more