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Cometdocs iOS PDF Word conversion app new

Cometdocs iOS PDF Word conversion app new and improved!

Cometdocs iOS is an application that allows you to convert every scanned pdf you receive from clients or friends into the .docx format without any further fix.  Linda Simmons at Cometdocs tells us that Cometdocs has just released a new version of this PDF to Word app. She says they have ‘After listening carefully to our… Read more

Make music on a Mac

Make music on your Mac professionally

The video Pro Tools, Reason or Logic? How To Choose Your DAW! was first published on August 22, 2015 will let you know the best DAW – Digital Audio Workstation. Make music with a DAW You can compose, record and edit music on digital audio workstation with some workstations such as Pro Tools are powerful… Read more

Apple developing system which will keep devices unlocked when in a safe zone

Apple developing system which will keep devices unlocked when in a safe zone

Apple has reportedly been working on a system for the iPhone and iPad which enables the device(s) to remain unlocked when in a “safe” wifi zone such as the owner’s home but will automatically lock itself when the person is a certain distance away from the area’s wifi range. The system is being created so… Read more

Candy Crush

Could this be the end of Candy Crush?

Apple has recently started cracking down on apps and games which offer extra points or lives if something is shared on social networks such as Facebook or a video is watched or allows the purchasing of separate apps and games outside of the App Store which have been created by other developers. The Candy Crush… Read more

icloud guide - how does it work Russian hackers confess to iCloud phishing attack services spark divorce cases

Russian hackers confess to iCloud phishing attack

Two Russian hackers confess to iCloud phishing attack. The two unnamed hackers from Moscow aged 23 and 16 have been arrested after admitting that they were the perpetrators of a cyber attack that took advantage of the “Find my iPhone/iPad” iCloud feature by collecting owners’ passwords in order to lock their device(s) and charge a… Read more

watching porn

iPad revealed to be the most popular tablet for watching porn on

When it comes to viewing explicit content online, most of us are likely to be guilty, but according to a recent report, Safari on the iPhone and iPad is the most popular browser used for viewing such material. According to a spokesperson for Pornhub, which has up to 38 million visitors daily, new data has… Read more

iOS 8 expected

iOS 8 expected to include Shazam music recognition software

Recent reports have claimed that the popular music recognition app Shazam is to be included in the upcoming iOS 8 which is expected to be released this summer. The smartphone app, which allows users to hold their device near to their speakers in order to find out the name and artist of the song currently… Read more

icloud guide - how does it work Russian hackers confess to iCloud phishing attack services spark divorce cases

iCloud and other file-sharing services spark divorce cases

Various online file-sharing services (known as ‘clouds’) have recently sparked a number of divorce cases due to their ability to sync with users’ mobile devices and home computers. Apple’s own cloud software, iCloud, has allowed a number of couples to see if their partner is cheating on them due to its ability to sync between… Read more

Loch Ness Monster spotted

Loch Ness Monster spotted on Apple Maps.

What is possibly the world’s most famous mystery creature has reportedly been spotted on Apple Maps. The large aquarian mammal was spotted six months ago by local resident 26-year old Andrew Dixon who told the Daily Mail newspaper that he had been looking at his area on the mapping service before choosing to take a… Read more

Apple introduces new controls Apple Event to Reveal Three new Items

Apple introduces new controls to prevent children racking up large bills

After receiving a large number of complaints from parents saying that their children are racking up huge iPad bills – some of which are thousands of pounds – by making in-app purchases, Apple has agreed to offer a refund and introduce tighter controls on these in-app purchases. An email sent by Apple earlier this week… Read more