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An El Capitan refresher…

Sneaky little tutorial on El Capitan [OSX 10.11] the worlds most advanced operating system in Apple’s own words. This version of OSX is a free upgrade almost all Mac users who meet system requirements. El Capitan changes This video was published on Oct 1 2015 and you will get a run down on it’s main… Read more

Apple mac turns 30 Steve Jobs $1 dollar salary

Apple mac turns 30; original team reunited

The past year has been a big one for Apple with the release of the iPhone 5C, iPad Air and the announcement the an iWatch was in the works. However, Apple also recently celebrated a birthday: that of the Macintosh which was released 30 years ago in 1984. Over the weekend, in celebration of the… Read more

New features anticipated for iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2?

New features anticipated for iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2?

Last week, Apple sent out invites for their upcoming unveiling of the new iPad and iPad Mini models which has caused excitement for what the models may feature, including a more powerful camera at 8 megapixels, new processors and hardware upgrades. The iPad 5 is expected to feature a Touch-ID fingerprint scanner (although this is… Read more

iPhone (iOS6) and OSX (10.8.2) are ready for you now sir!

iPhone (iOS6) and OSX (10.8.2) are ready for you now sir!

Apple’s iPhone (iOS6) and OSX (10.8.2) are ready for you now, so go forth and update. Today Apple made available via iTunes the latest and greatest version of the mobile iOS operating system, iOS6. iOS6 is not available for anything before 3GS, anything before iPod Touch 4th Generation or the iPad 1, just to let… Read more

13inch Retina Mac for October

13inch Retina Mac for October

Suggestions of a Mac 13 inch appeared in the retina display appeared in the Geekbench results data base, which would suggest a laptop with the new display of this size may be arriving in October. 13inch Retina Mac for October There’s also much to suggest that the new machine is legitimate, much of which is down the… Read more

Theatre teaser implies new Apple Mac Pro will be released in autumn 2013 OS X Mountain Lion Released After the Air is the Pro.

OS X Mountain Lion Released

After the announcement yesterday, Apple has released OSX Mountain Lion on the Mac App store for $19.99 and it is available exclusively there. There are a number of new additions to the new operating systems, including better Cloud integration and more support for a number of other features including iMessages, Notes and Reminders and a… Read more

AirPlay for HDTV with Mountain Lion Adoption of Thunderbolt and AirPlay slowed by high costs

AirPlay for HDTV with Mountain Lion

App will add the AirPlay mirroring feature to its new OS X Mountain Lion allowing the broadcast of wireless TV from Mac to the Apple TV set top box. This allows users to now display everything on their Macs on the big screen. This is just another example of the features which began on iOS… Read more

Mac OS X released on USB stick for $69

OS X Mountain Lion released as Developer Preview

Apple announced the release of its next generation OSX Mountain Lion as a developer preview. This release is expected to bring over 100 new changes to the operating system, many of which are similar to those with iOS. The new OS brings features including Messages, Notes, Reminders, Game Centre, Notification Centre, Twitter integration, and AirPlay… Read more

Apple brings Lion Recovery to older Apple Macs MacBook Air Unboxing

Apple brings Lion Recovery to older Apple Macs

Apple released a set of updates which will bring Lion Internet Recovery to older 2010 Macs. This will allow the late 2010 Macbook Air, 2010 iMac and the MacBook Pro which came into existence at the beginning of 2010 firmware updates. Apple brings Lion Recovery to older Apple Macs The Lion Internet Recovery was introduced… Read more

Apple vs. Amazon … Again. Did Hell just freeze over?

Apple vs. Amazon … Again.

Just recently Apple raised a revised complaint against Amazon’s use of the phrase ‘App Store’ in its marketing for Android and Kindle applications. They feel that such a use has ‘irreparably harmed’ Apple as consumers associate the phrase with their own App Store, which they argue is of much higher quality than their competitor’s. Apple… Read more