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Every iPhone Speed Test Comparison

Every iPhone Speed Test Comparison

Just how fast is one iPhone compared to another iPhone in the range? Well, now you can compare all the iPhones and see the results of the test in this video just to see how far Apple’s iPhone has become. This test will demonstrate Apple’s chip designing prowess as the result of Apple speed gains… Read more

Apple iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S refresher

If you have just received a new iPhone 6S then use this video to get the run down of the basics which are fairly obvious to some but the video first published on Dec 18 2015 includes various cool tips and tricks to use which are worth knowing about.   Get a reminder on how to… Read more

iPhone 5 PC iPhone

How to get your music and movies from PC to iPhone

If your are a music or movie loving Windows user and you have a new iPhone with no media on it then watch the above video which will show you how manually manage your media wether that be videos, music, songs or movies. PC iPhone transferring is a straightforward process It’s a very straightforward process… Read more

iPhone 5C screen repairs Apple Develop Protective Mechanism for Dropped Phones

Cracked screen on your iPhone and what to do about it.

The video How To Fix a Cracked screen on your iPhone first published on December 2010 2015 will show you a very fast repair technique that will quickly fix any screen damaged iPhone, iPad or iPod. Screen repair can go from £89 for a three day turnaround and this video shows you how to do it for… Read more

New iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

New iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch Unveiled

Apple finally unveiled its new bigger iPhone and along with it came the long rumoured Apple Watch. The Cupertino based company also introduced Apple Pay its NFC (NeaField Communication) take on the digital mobile wallet. The iPhone 5S and 5C will still be available for the low end while the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6… Read more

Apple developing system which will keep devices unlocked when in a safe zone

Apple developing system which will keep devices unlocked when in a safe zone

Apple has reportedly been working on a system for the iPhone and iPad which enables the device(s) to remain unlocked when in a “safe” wifi zone such as the owner’s home but will automatically lock itself when the person is a certain distance away from the area’s wifi range. The system is being created so… Read more

Forget Scalextric - Mario Kart is coming to your living room floor Apple TV suck

Forget Scalextric – Mario Kart is coming to your living room floor

An American company has created a racing game, similar to Scalextric, which has an AI track and cars which are controlled by an app downloaded onto the iPhone or iPad. The firm, called Anki Drive (as is the game), says that the game is played on a track about the size of a table that… Read more

Candy Crush

Could this be the end of Candy Crush?

Apple has recently started cracking down on apps and games which offer extra points or lives if something is shared on social networks such as Facebook or a video is watched or allows the purchasing of separate apps and games outside of the App Store which have been created by other developers. The Candy Crush… Read more

icloud guide - how does it work Russian hackers confess to iCloud phishing attack services spark divorce cases

Russian hackers confess to iCloud phishing attack

Two Russian hackers confess to iCloud phishing attack. The two unnamed hackers from Moscow aged 23 and 16 have been arrested after admitting that they were the perpetrators of a cyber attack that took advantage of the “Find my iPhone/iPad” iCloud feature by collecting owners’ passwords in order to lock their device(s) and charge a… Read more

Apple Watch Review After the Buzz _F

The iWatch is on its way!

After endless reports and rumours from numerous sources it appears that the iWatch is finally on its way to being released in October. Apple are reported to be due to make around five million watches monthly and rather than the previous rumours that the watch will be square or have a curved screen it is… Read more