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Forget Scalextric - Mario Kart is coming to your living room floor Apple TV suck

Forget Scalextric – Mario Kart is coming to your living room floor

An American company has created a racing game, similar to Scalextric, which has an AI track and cars which are controlled by an app downloaded onto the iPhone or iPad. The firm, called Anki Drive (as is the game), says that the game is played on a track about the size of a table that… Read more

Candy Crush

Could this be the end of Candy Crush?

Apple has recently started cracking down on apps and games which offer extra points or lives if something is shared on social networks such as Facebook or a video is watched or allows the purchasing of separate apps and games outside of the App Store which have been created by other developers. The Candy Crush… Read more

Apple Watch Review After the Buzz _F

The iWatch is on its way!

After endless reports and rumours from numerous sources it appears that the iWatch is finally on its way to being released in October. Apple are reported to be due to make around five million watches monthly and rather than the previous rumours that the watch will be square or have a curved screen it is… Read more

Apple rejects HappyPlayTime masturbation app

Apple rejects HappyPlayTime masturbation app

An app which is said to help and guide women to reaching climax through self pleasure has been rejected by the App Store on the possible grounds that it may be too profane. In a blog post about this rejection, the designer, Tina Gong, wrote: “I knew I was taking a chance with building the… Read more

Apple introduces new controls Apple Event to Reveal Three new Items

Apple introduces new controls to prevent children racking up large bills

After receiving a large number of complaints from parents saying that their children are racking up huge iPad bills – some of which are thousands of pounds – by making in-app purchases, Apple has agreed to offer a refund and introduce tighter controls on these in-app purchases. An email sent by Apple earlier this week… Read more

Apple unveils new CarPlay iPhone system 10M downloads of Google Maps on iOS in 48 Hours Apple called 'Dumb' for releasing Google Maps replacement

Apple unveils new CarPlay iPhone system at Geneva show

Around the same time a scary model/statue of Steve Jobs was unveiled at the Geneva show, something much less scary and a bit more exciting was revealed: the CarPlay system which, controlled using Siri, is connected to a user’s car and enables the driver to open maps, make calls and request/play music. It will also… Read more

Apple TV iCar Apple TV De-constructed Apple TV Service for End of 2012?

Is an iCar about to hit the roads?

Recent reports from the San Francisco Chronicle have suggested that Apple and Tesla met last year to discuss the possibility of an iCar being built. There were claims made by the publication that the merger and acquisition chief of Apple, Adrian Perica, and Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk met in October last year in order to… Read more

iPhone productivity apps Apple iPhone Demo iPhone 5S's M7 chip cracked iPhone screen iPhone 6 iPhone 5S to be a third faster than the iPhone 5 with improved graphics Safety issues with third party chargers prompt trade-in programme NFC and Finger Print Scanner for iPhone?

Could this be the end of the cracked iPhone screen?

Recent rumours have revealed that Apple may be working with GT Advanced Technologies to create a sapphire screen for the iPhone 6 after documents revealed that they have recently ordered hundreds of furnaces and chamber systems which could be used to produce the sapphire crystal boules. Apple currently uses sapphire boules to protect the iPhone… Read more

iPhone 5C screen repairs Apple Develop Protective Mechanism for Dropped Phones

Apple to offer in-store iPhone 5C screen repairs

Recent rumours have popped up with reports that from Monday the 20th of January, Apple will start offering replacement screens for the iPhone 5C which can be replaced in-store for approximately £90 each. The news came about when the website 9to5mac cited ‘multiple sources’ which claimed that Apple would soon be offering this service. The… Read more

Apple purchases Topsy

Apple purchases Topsy for $200m

Topsy Labs, a social analytics company which uses social networks such as Twitter to get real-time insight on recent business questions and studies current Twitter trends has been purchased by Apple for $200 million. Apple has not announced why they bought the company, but a spokeswoman has said of the purchase “Apple buys smaller technology… Read more