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Apple September Event 2017 2

Apple September Event 2017 – iPhone 8, iPhone X, iOS 11 – Apple Keynote

Apple recently held its latest product launch event at its new headquarters which some people refer to as the ’spaceship’ Apple unveiled the iPhone X, the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, the Apple Watch 3. The Apple Watch now comes with new watch bands and cellular connectivity meaning that Siri will now talk to… Read more

New MacBooks, MacBook Pros, Home Pod, iMac Pros, iOS11 - WWDC

New MacBooks, MacBook Pros, Home Pod, iMac Pros, iOS11 – WWDC

New MacBooks, MacBook Pros, Home Pod, iMac Pros and iOS11 it must be WWDC! Last week was Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference which had a few surprising announcements and few expected ones, so let’s start from the top. Apple unveiled a slew of Macs and the one that has got us most excited is the… Read more

Top Ten Apple Ads, What’s your favourite?

Many people who own an Apple product such as an iPhone or MacBook have no doubt been influenced by Apple’s super successful marketing department who adhere to the rule that simple is best.  Take any one of their billboard marketing in the last ten years and you see the product name and a picture of… Read more

Apple: Tax cheating doesn't sync with my values apple logo Apple iPhone 30 pin Lightning connector starting shipping iPhone 5 to have Universal 4G Support

Apple: Tax cheating doesn’t sync with my values

Apple: Tax Cheating Doesn’t Sync with My Values. Uploaded on May 15, 2010 is thoughts on Apple creative way of managing their cash flow to avoid paying inland revenue in the United States.  It’s alleged that Apple disguises it’s revenue in the United States as foreign, which would make them exempt from paying taxes on it…. Read more

New iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

New iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch Unveiled

Apple finally unveiled its new bigger iPhone and along with it came the long rumoured Apple Watch. The Cupertino based company also introduced Apple Pay its NFC (NeaField Communication) take on the digital mobile wallet. The iPhone 5S and 5C will still be available for the low end while the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6… Read more

Apple Watch Review After the Buzz _F

The iWatch is on its way!

After endless reports and rumours from numerous sources it appears that the iWatch is finally on its way to being released in October. Apple are reported to be due to make around five million watches monthly and rather than the previous rumours that the watch will be square or have a curved screen it is… Read more

Mac Rant Apple logo Apple's original "Rainbow" sign goes on auction Head of iOS announces retirement after 23 years Apple event 83 Year Old to Sue Apple Move to PCI e 3.0 to Speed up Thunderbolt Move to PCI e 3.0 to Speed up Thunderbolt Apple's Greatest Advert Pranksters deface new Apple store You win some You Lose Some!

Apple’s original “Rainbow” sign goes on auction

Technology antique and historical item collectors may be interested to know that Apple’s original logo which once adorned the headquarters in Cupertino, California is due to be auctioned off by the owner – a “longstanding Apple employee” who currently remains unnamed. The colourful rainbow design was created by Rob Janoff and was used between the… Read more

Steve Jobs statue

“Creepy” Steve Jobs statue to be placed outside Apple HQ

A 16 foot tall statue of Steve Jobs has been chosen out of 10,000 to be placed outside Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. However, a large number of Apple fans have spoken against the statue after a miniature version was showcased in Belgrade calling it “creepy” and “the stuff nightmares are made of”. The statue was… Read more

Apple TV iCar Apple TV De-constructed Apple TV Service for End of 2012?

Is an iCar about to hit the roads?

Recent reports from the San Francisco Chronicle have suggested that Apple and Tesla met last year to discuss the possibility of an iCar being built. There were claims made by the publication that the merger and acquisition chief of Apple, Adrian Perica, and Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk met in October last year in order to… Read more

Apple mac turns 30 Steve Jobs $1 dollar salary

Apple mac turns 30; original team reunited

The past year has been a big one for Apple with the release of the iPhone 5C, iPad Air and the announcement the an iWatch was in the works. However, Apple also recently celebrated a birthday: that of the Macintosh which was released 30 years ago in 1984. Over the weekend, in celebration of the… Read more