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MacBook Charger

You’ve Been Using Macbook Charger Wrong

The CrazyRussianHacker has 6 million subscribers who follow all his video, in this video he will show you how to correctly use your MacBook Charger, be warned you may already know the advice he is going to give you in this video.  As you know there are two wings that fold out on the charger… Read more

Apple Mac Cat - (Funny cat Video)

The Apple Mac Cat – (Funny cat Video)

The Apple Mac Cat – (Funny cat Video) uploaded on Feb 2, 2011 is just a cat video.  We like cats here and  this cat likes Mac’s.  There is a nice iMac in the background and the cat just sashay’s across the keyboard! The cat is called Bowie and the chap in the video is… Read more

Cupidtino Date A Mac

Cupidtino “Date A Mac” Apple Ad

Cupidtino “Date A Mac” Apple Ad which was uploaded on May 15, 2010 is where Apple fanboys meet equally annoying Apple fangirls.    Some non Apple fans complain the Apple fans can go on too much about how much their product is better than non Apple products.   The fact of the matter is that… Read more

The New Mactini

The New Mactini

The New Mactini was featured in The Peter Serafinowicz Show Christmas Special on BBC Two a few years back.  It’s another joke or parody on Apple advertising strategy and the way that Apple keep updating their products all the time.  The joke before the advert is even finished another new updated version of the product… Read more

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Mac Rant

Mac Rant. This video goes back to the when Apple used to use a white background to advertise it’s computers and other hardware giving the viewer the impression that Apple users may think they are better than PC users.  No Mac users are generally not annoyed with the Apple platform as such there are more… Read more

New sex toy allows users to "have sex" with iPad

New sex toy allows users to “have sex” with iPad

Popular sex toy retailers Fleshlight have created something new for owners of the iPad who are feeling sexually aroused or missing feeling so: the Launchpad – a sex toy and protective casing which connects to the iPad in order to allow users to have “point-of-view” sex with their iPad whilst watching pornographic material or chatting… Read more

watching porn

iPad revealed to be the most popular tablet for watching porn on

When it comes to viewing explicit content online, most of us are likely to be guilty, but according to a recent report, Safari on the iPhone and iPad is the most popular browser used for viewing such material. According to a spokesperson for Pornhub, which has up to 38 million visitors daily, new data has… Read more

Apple rejects HappyPlayTime masturbation app

Apple rejects HappyPlayTime masturbation app

An app which is said to help and guide women to reaching climax through self pleasure has been rejected by the App Store on the possible grounds that it may be too profane. In a blog post about this rejection, the designer, Tina Gong, wrote: “I knew I was taking a chance with building the… Read more

Loch Ness Monster spotted

Loch Ness Monster spotted on Apple Maps.

What is possibly the world’s most famous mystery creature has reportedly been spotted on Apple Maps. The large aquarian mammal was spotted six months ago by local resident 26-year old Andrew Dixon who told the Daily Mail newspaper that he had been looking at his area on the mapping service before choosing to take a… Read more

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iPhone 5S’s M7 chip is able to track owner’s steps despite a dead battery

It has been revealed by a Reddit user that even after the battery of the iPhone 5S has apparently died, the phone is still able to track the owner’s footsteps thanks to the M7 chip which continues to run due to its low energy sensors which collect data from various fitness apps such as Argus… Read more