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New iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

New iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch Unveiled

Apple finally unveiled its new bigger iPhone and along with it came the long rumoured Apple Watch. The Cupertino based company also introduced Apple Pay its NFC (NeaField Communication) take on the digital mobile wallet. The iPhone 5S and 5C will still be available for the low end while the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6… Read more

New sex toy allows users to "have sex" with iPad

New sex toy allows users to “have sex” with iPad

Popular sex toy retailers Fleshlight have created something new for owners of the iPad who are feeling sexually aroused or missing feeling so: the Launchpad – a sex toy and protective casing which connects to the iPad in order to allow users to have “point-of-view” sex with their iPad whilst watching pornographic material or chatting… Read more

Forget Scalextric - Mario Kart is coming to your living room floor Apple TV suck

Forget Scalextric – Mario Kart is coming to your living room floor

An American company has created a racing game, similar to Scalextric, which has an AI track and cars which are controlled by an app downloaded onto the iPhone or iPad. The firm, called Anki Drive (as is the game), says that the game is played on a track about the size of a table that… Read more

Mac Rant Apple logo Apple's original "Rainbow" sign goes on auction Head of iOS announces retirement after 23 years Apple event 83 Year Old to Sue Apple Move to PCI e 3.0 to Speed up Thunderbolt Move to PCI e 3.0 to Speed up Thunderbolt Apple's Greatest Advert Pranksters deface new Apple store You win some You Lose Some!

Apple’s original “Rainbow” sign goes on auction

Technology antique and historical item collectors may be interested to know that Apple’s original logo which once adorned the headquarters in Cupertino, California is due to be auctioned off by the owner – a “longstanding Apple employee” who currently remains unnamed. The colourful rainbow design was created by Rob Janoff and was used between the… Read more

American company creates iPad and iPhone's own memory stick

American company creates iPad and iPhone’s own memory stick

A company in California has created a memory stick that is specifically for the iPad and iPhone which will allow users to stream films and transfer other files and documents from one device to another without the need for an internet connection. The device, called the iStick, was created by American company HYPER who currently… Read more

iOS 8 expected

iOS 8 expected to include Shazam music recognition software

Recent reports have claimed that the popular music recognition app Shazam is to be included in the upcoming iOS 8 which is expected to be released this summer. The smartphone app, which allows users to hold their device near to their speakers in order to find out the name and artist of the song currently… Read more

Apple unveils new CarPlay iPhone system 10M downloads of Google Maps on iOS in 48 Hours Apple called 'Dumb' for releasing Google Maps replacement

Apple unveils new CarPlay iPhone system at Geneva show

Around the same time a scary model/statue of Steve Jobs was unveiled at the Geneva show, something much less scary and a bit more exciting was revealed: the CarPlay system which, controlled using Siri, is connected to a user’s car and enables the driver to open maps, make calls and request/play music. It will also… Read more

Apple TV iCar Apple TV De-constructed Apple TV Service for End of 2012?

Is an iCar about to hit the roads?

Recent reports from the San Francisco Chronicle have suggested that Apple and Tesla met last year to discuss the possibility of an iCar being built. There were claims made by the publication that the merger and acquisition chief of Apple, Adrian Perica, and Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk met in October last year in order to… Read more

iWatch Apple iWatch Rumours

Apple working to overcome problems with iWatch

Apple has reportedly experienced a number of problems with its new iWatch which was expected to hit stores in the next few months, a leaked report from Asia has revealed. The listed problems so far include a battery life of just 1-2 days rather than the expected 4-5 days, problems in manufacturing processes and difficulties… Read more

iPhone 5C screen repairs Apple Develop Protective Mechanism for Dropped Phones

Apple to offer in-store iPhone 5C screen repairs

Recent rumours have popped up with reports that from Monday the 20th of January, Apple will start offering replacement screens for the iPhone 5C which can be replaced in-store for approximately £90 each. The news came about when the website 9to5mac cited ‘multiple sources’ which claimed that Apple would soon be offering this service. The… Read more