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The council of the City of Cupertino in California has recently given Apple permission to build their new “spaceship” headquarters – nicknamed so due to its oval shape. The only requirement is that Apple agrees to increase the amount of tax they are currently paying. This decision has now been agreed on by Apple increasing its tax payments in the form of a sales tax rebate that is given to the company from the city yearly.

Four days ago Apple received its full set of building permits and is now ready to go ahead with the opening date set for 2016. The mayor of Cupertino, Orrin Mahoney, said of this new project that “We’re eager to see it happen. Go for it.” He then added: “This item was one of many negotiated between Apple and the city of Cupertino as part of the development agreement.

“The Apple 2 campus is expected to have long-term impacts on the city with respect to traffic and other issues and Apple agreed to a financial offset for some of those impacts.”

Before building, however, Apple will have to clear 176 acres of land by destroying or moving 26 buildings. They will also remove 60 perfect of the concrete on the land going from 80 percent down to just 20 percent.

Cupertino “Spaceship” HQ given the go-ahead

Designed by Lord Norman Foster the building will be 4 storeys tall, be able to house up to 13,000 employees and have underground parking which will leave room for 6,000 indigenous or native trees and plants. Power will come from renewable sources provided by rooftop photovoltaic arrays and fuel cell plants. Furthermore, air conditioning will be unneeded due to natural ventilation and radiant cooling.

The second campus will contain a 100,000 square foot Fitness centre and 120,000 square foot auditorium.

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