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It seems that the issues between Samsung and Apple are not without their fallout and Apple has been all but cut out of the development process of the new A7 chips according to reports.

The new Apple A7 chips will be debuted in the first part of 2014 and the development for the processors is currently on going. This is recording to a report from The Korea Times. They have reported that Samsung is not part of the development process and that Apple is using an alternative called Taiwan Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Co for help with the new chips.

Apple has used customised chips of its own for the last number of years for its IOS devices. These chips were built by Samsung, almost completely. However, there have been numerous rumours that Apple has been scaling down the Korean companies interest in the area and that the latest chips have nothing to do with Samsung. However, the current batch of devices still use processors created by the South Korean company.

Apple has spoken on the matter and claims to be working with NVidia to try and limit any issues that may come about from not having Apple as a partner. The chipmaker also uses its own chips in some of its own phones. The Exynos branded ARM chips are used in is Galaxy S4 and also its S3 too.

This report is one of many that have claimed that Apple is moving away from Samsung and these rumours have been on-going for a long time. However, as far as official lines suggest Apple and Samsung are continuingly working together.

Apple Pushes Samsung Away from A7 Manufacture

According to other stories the A7 chip was considered a transition product and reports are that it will be built on a smaller process, a more efficient 20 nanometer process. This would be significantly smaller than the current process.

According to reports the new and upcoming iPhone 5S will not have a fully-fledged A7 chip and will make do with an A6X updated chip, something similar to a lot of previous transition products. The fourth generation iPad has an A6X chip, so we won’t be surprised to see something similar in the new Apple phone.

Time will tell whether Samsung has been cut out of the process completely. However, with an array of arguments and disagreements in recent times, don’t be surprised.

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