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More iPhone 5S news and according to the China Times the Taiwanese firm Chipbond will provide a number of parts to the new iPhone 5S.

Interestingly, we can expect them to include a touch display driver, as well as a fingerprint sensor and NFC. According to reports the device will use the fingerprint scanner to enhance the NFC security on the device, meaning users will have to use the scanner to ensure secure and safe payments, preventing the occurrence of identity theft.

The idea of an Apple iPhone with this sort of sensor technology have been increasing since the company purchased a mobile security firm late last year. Apple’s acquisition of AuthenTec last year created rumours that they may use the firm to push something of this ilk in the security area. This was given further gravitas by the news that the security company was cutting off its links to customers last year, many believed this was because they would be focusing on Apple as a mainstay and needed to offer all the support they could.

According to Ming Chi Kuo, the device was also stated as having a number of other capabilities and can be used for a number of other features on the device, including unlocking and locking.

We’ve heard a lot about the inclusion of NFC on the device and it has become a long standing rumour that Apple would include it. However, it never came to fruition in the previous iPhone and so there were suggestions Apple was against the idea. We heard stories about how the current Apple iPhone 5 designs would not even accommodate an antenna. However, there have also been suggestions that NFC might be added to the new iPhone in a novel way that would allow it to work on both the iPhone 5 and the 5S. However, this is still the first real mention of NFC on the new device until now.

NFC and Finger Print Scanner for iPhone?

Currently, Apple offers its Passbook option for mobile payments and coupons, as well as loyalty cards. However, this could be added to with the NFC and mobile payments option. According to reports production of the new device is underway and Foxconn began the production of the new device last week.

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