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Review: iLoader

As I continue in my attempt to replace my almost-dead laptop with my iPad 2 I often find myself purchasing more and more accessories – apps, a case, one of those lifter-upper stands for easier typing and, my current favourite, an SD card reader. As this website is Apple based, my purchases sometimes require a review. And so here I am, a week after my most recent purchases working on a review so, without further ado, what do I think of the iLoader app? I’ll tell you.

Review: iLoader

Review: iLoaderI love it! As a person who takes his camera out each time I go clubbing, partying or travelling I find myself in the possession of many photos – some remembered, others not (note: photos are very handy for finding out if you pulled or punched). By leaving my laptop charger back in Chelmsford, however, I sometimes find myself in a slight pickle – I have all these photos but no way to upload them to the monster that is the Internet. That’s where iLoader comes in.

Review: iLoader









After purchasing the SD (secure digital) card reader my photos were on my iPad and I was happy. But only a little. After finding that the Facebook app would only upload one photo at a time I began a search for the best, decently priced multi-upload app and came across a forum which highly praised iLoader. For £1.49 I would be able to upload over fifty photos in one go, unlike the Facebook app. And so a purchase was made.

Review: iLoader


I originally purchased the free version but found that it didn’t satisfy my needs (no innuendo intended) and so I upgraded to the paid version (thanks, student loan). After this purchase I was finally able to do everything a laptop or desktop us would do after a night out with their camera – transfer the photos to the computer (or iPad 2 in this case), select the best ones taken before clothes are ruined or removed, create an album and upload. But not before writing a caption and tagging friends or family.


Review: iLoader

 To some, this may sound like an impossible or time-consuming task, but I promise you, it’s not. This app is simple, fast and incredibly handy. After importing photos using the SD card reader (priced at £24.99 it’s a bit pricey but that’s forgivable) the user will open iLoader HD and tap the “Select Photos” button. After doing so a rectangular box will appear and display a number of albums which are conveniently dated as the day each photo was taken.

Review: iLoaderNow it’s time to select the photos you want to upload. The user will tap the dated album (or, if it’s a screen capture they want to upload, tap “Camera Roll”) and select the sexiest photos of themselves and worst of their friends. If one wishes to upload every photo they took on the night it’s time to develop a rhythm of four taps to the right, four to the left.

From here, the photos will then appear on the left of the screen and provide the options to delete (only from the upload process), tag friends or add a caption followed by the tapping of “Upload photos”. Simple, huh? However, this is where it gets a little tricky as, after choosing the profile for the photos to be uploaded to, the user has to either select the album they wish the Review: iLoaderphoto to be in or create a new album with a funny title. The tapping is easy, but a title never is.

After creating a title, description and location it’s time to upload the photos. For this review I only chose four. Normally, if they were uploaded on Facebook, this would take forever. With iLoader, however, this was done in a matter of seconds. Now, you can either tell Facebook friends or share them on Twitter. I do neither as I rarely use Twitter and the photos appear on the news feed anyway. This option, in my opinion, is a little pointless, but each to their own.

Review: iLoaderYour photos are now on Facebook! However, this isn’t all iLoader can do. Remember that video your friend uploaded months ago but got lost in cyberspace? Well, with iLoader that video can be watched again. After finding the video it can be watched in standard or HD or shared via Facebook, email or Twitter. The video viewer is just like any other – YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or the videos app which comes installed.

I have to say that iLoader HD could be the perfect app – it does what I need it to do, is fast and easy and has everything Facebook has and more. So far I’ve found no flaws or had any problems and if I had to recommend just one app, it would be either this or Pages (previously reviewed).

Since buying this app and the SD reader, I’ve had two nights out, been bowling, spent time with my family and travelled around London on my bike and each event has produced photos which needed to be uploaded (if only to embarrass people). Previously, my laptop would have been turned on multiple times to upload said photos but instead, it’s been sat on my floor with a dead battery, unneeded.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, I’ve been working on replacing my laptop with my iPad and this app and reader put me one step closer. I just need a DVD player and the process is complete.

Could this be one of the best apps to date? I’m not sure, but it comes pretty damn close and earns a rating of a powerful 5 out of 5 and the words “Buy this app”, especially if photo-taking is your thing.

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