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iTunes costs $1.3 billion to run yearlyAccording to a list of data compiled by market research firm Asymco, iTunes costs a massive $1.3 Billion a year to run, or $113 million a month, CNET News has reported.

Horace Dediu of Asymco provided an analysis of factors at the Worldwide Developers Conference that “the average price of songs and apps, the split between the company and its developers, and word from Apple that it runs the store at or slightly above the breakeven point.”


iTunes costs $1.3 billion to run yearly

Dediu said that most of the money that Apple spends goes towards payment processing, customer support and serving content but they still have a lot left over to go towards investing in increasing capacity along with the new data centre which has recently opened in North Carolina.

According to other analysts, the iTunes store has never been a huge source of income for Apple but now we know why they like to charge so much for every model they release.

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