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idevice housekeeping guide to improve performance

iDevice housekeeping guide to improve performance

If your iPhone or iPad is running slow and inefficiently or batter life performance is medicore than you proably need to do some housekeeping on your iDevice to improve phone performance. Tips range from clearing iMessage data, removing apps, removing corrupt data, and turning off special whizz bang OS effects such Reduce Motion. The class… Read more

apple watch 42mm sport review

Apple Watch 42mm Sport review

The Apple Watch 42 mm Sport is the Apple Watch thats reviewered here and there are reasons to like the Apple Watch Sport. One of them being is that it’s the lightest of all the Apple Watches clocking in at 25gms, which might be important to some of you.  The ION-x glass of the Apple… Read more

apple watch pointless or useful

Apple Watch pointless or useful?

The pre Series 1 & 2 Apple Watch is Apples is first stab at making a wearable. It has been described by many as amazing and pointless at the same time, after all you own a phone already which already has most the funciton of the Apple Watch. This leads to several questions: Is the Apple… Read more

comprehensive apple watch set up guide

Comprehensive Apple Watch set up guide

So you have got yourself a new Apple Watch and you a little confused on how to set it up. This video will answer some if not all of your questions as it’s for the pre Series 1 Edition Apple Watch but the principles remain the same. If you perhaps have questions about the interface,… Read more

photos full tutorial and guide on how to use _f

Photos full tutorial and guide on how to use

iPhoto was Apples application for managing and editing your photo collection  on an Apple Mac. Apple then replaced the outdated applicaiton with Photos for OSX in 2015.  Photos for Mac is a better application all round that will also manage you videos as well as your photos and works with Apples iCloud cloud computing system…. Read more

favourite ipad pro features and apps

Favourite iPad Pro features and apps

The professional grade tablet the iPad Pro from Apple is here. The 12.9 and 9.7 inch devices are both compaitable with the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard. The iPad Pro runs a A9X third generation desktop class chip thats 2.5x more powerful than the A7 chip. In this video learn some more features about… Read more

3 mac apps worth trying _f-copy

3 Mac Apps worth trying

What are the Top 3 Mac Apps right now? In this video from Techno Tutorials you going to find out their views on it for the month of Janruary. The apps they will go into detail with include Handbrake, Affinity Photo and Status.  With Handbrake you can convert video from almost any format to a selection… Read more

10 good ios games worth a try _f-copy

10 good iOS Games worth a try

What are ten best iOS games for iOS? In this video from Explore Gadgets you will found out. The apps include Horizon Chase, Prune, GTA: Liberty City Stories, Brothers in Arms 3, Gunpowder, AirAttack 2, Rayman Adventures, Space Marshals, Vain Glory, Tiny Toopers 2, Warhammer 40000, Pixel Gun 3D and Door Kickers.  In the amazingly… Read more

2015 macbook pro 15.4 retina display review _f-copy

MacBook Pro 15.4 Retina Display Review

Why you should use an Apple MacBook Pro is detailed in this video form Fast, Electroinc and Loud. It’s a quick 6 minute review an the 2015 Apple MacBook Pro 15in Retina model. The MacBook Pro 2015 can handle 4 streams of 4K for video editing or for capturing gaming footage using the Elgato HD60…. Read more

apple watch sport 42mm honest opinion _f-copy

Apple Watch Sport 42mm honest opinion

Watch Awkward Techs review of The 42 mm Apple Watch Sport. The Apple Watch Sport is the lightest Apple Watch in the Apple Watch range, it also features glass made out of Ion-X which is less reflective than the glass of the other Apple Watches. This is the Apple Watch for you if you don’t… Read more